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"I was really surprised at how tearful I felt when I found my mother's birth certificate. Thank you for being so sympathetic and discreet. The whole thing has been really therapeutic and I feel much more in tune with my past now."? -- Mrs W. (Warwickshire)

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Family History Reseach Package Summary Print

All packages include:


  • Exclusive research into your family history. In all cases, you may specify the individuals or families you are most interested in finding out about.
  • Presentation folder including a full genealogical report (20-40 pages, depending on the depth of research). All the information we find about your family from census reports, the International Genealogical Index and Birth Marriage and Death (BMD) certificates, including dates, children, occupations, addresses etc will be included in the report.
  • Information on pertinent places, occupations or famous relatives.



 Package Comparison:

Included  Silver Gold Platinum
Research Hours
  •  7 hours
  •  12 hours
  •  18 hours
Expected Scope of Research (Family Lines)
  •  1
  •  2
  •  4
Documentation Hours
  •  9 hours
  •  12 hours
  •  16 hours
Length of Genealogical Report
  •  20-30 pages
  •  30-60 pages
  •  60-100 pages
Surname Histories
  •  1
  •  2
  •  4
BMD Certificates (or Census Pages)
  •  1
  •  2
  •  3
Family Tree Chart  
  •  Included
  •  Included
Coat of Arms (if available)    
  •  1 on parchment
Package Deposit  £200  £300  £400
Package Total (inc. Deposit)  £395  £695  £995


Additional Services and Information

If extra copies of Birth, Marriage or Death (BMD) certificates need to be ordered to begin or progress the research, these will be charged at £18 each. You will, of course, be consulted beforehand.

All packages can be customised - if you want an extra Coat of Arms, tree chart or additional research hours, these can be added at any time. We're very flexible!


There is no charge for applying, or for our initial consultation. Once we have ensured that your family line is traceable, and made sure we understand your requirements we ask for a non-refundable deposit. The remainder is payable once our work is complete.

Name Research and Coat of Arms
Finding out about your surname can provide some surprising insights into your distant ancestors, perhaps your name refers to a trade like Taylor or Baker, or maybe there is some foreign blood in your line.
Some families will also have heraldic heritage, a Coat of Arms used in battle or a Crest to identify aristocratic connections. Family Detective can research this information for you, see our Research Packages section.